i’m Anita!

Mum, pet person, nature lover and, global wellness business coach.

I empower people, just like you, to set up and run their own online wellness business and work from wherever they choose.

Would you like the opportunity to gain the freedom and flexibility to live life on your terms?


For over fourteen years I have run my own successful health and wellness business from my home in Dublin, Ireland. Along with my team of passionate individuals, I promote wellness products under the Forever Living umbrella which not only delivers natural Aloe Vera-based health products worldwide but also provides an opportunity to learn, grow, meet new and open-minded people and, the best part… work from anywhere.

I’ll be honest with you, I never dreamed of getting involved in network marketing and had my reservations before I started…..

….. but for me, my business journey began because of my health.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes over 30 years ago and at the time, it was crushing for me, I remember thinking “how has this even happened to me?” 

Some years after my diagnosis, I started using Forever Living’s natural products which were recommended to me by a friend. After using them consistently I witnessed my health improving and along with this, I started to lose weight. Then my husband and son joined me in using the products, and they too saw improvements in their health.

After experiencing the results these products had on me and my family I wanted to get out there and share them with the world!

That’s when I started retailing as Anita Aloe.

Since then my love of Forever’s natural products, spirit for life, mindfulness, and passion for helping others has enabled me to build an incredible network of inspiring & like-minded people. My team and I work closely to assist each other in gaining more freedom and doing more of what we want in life.

My wellness business has afforded me more of what I love, it brings me security in the form of a pension but most importantly, it has opened me up to the endless possibilities that are available to us all. 


Want to learn more?

Receive wellness business coaching and be part of something amazing!


Promote exactly what people are looking for right now… fabulous, naturally-made health, wellness, nutrition, and beauty products. With Forever’s Aloe Vera at the heart of it all, their aloe fields are where the journey begins… they also manage every part of the process to ensure quality aloe from plant to product, right through to the customers to which you’ll be retailing. Once you try the products yourself and reap the benefits they bring, promoting them will come very naturally.


Working in the wellbeing industry as a wellness business coach and business owner for Forever Living has given my life so much more direction and purpose, and I know this opportunity will do the same for you. You’ll grow with your business; into a stronger and more independent person. Along with this, you’ll be working alongside inspiring people who are focused and enterprising – people who strive to make improvements in their lives and who will be passionate about keeping you aligned with your life goals.


From getting started right through to building your own wellness business, I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way. We’ll be following Forever’s proven business model that has aided millions of people to become their own boss and gain more financial freedom. As well as me as your wellness business coach you’ll also have access to Forever’s national network of presentations featuring successful distributors, top-class motivational speakers, and industry experts as well as motivating monthly magazines.

How it Works

Have a no-obligation chat with me

Let’s talk about if becoming a health and wellness business owner is for you and if you’ll be a good fit for team Anita Aloe.


Register as a Business Owner

I will help you with everything you need to get started. Beginning with your starter pack filled with natural health products to try, you will gain an understanding of what you are selling – enabling you to recommend to others with confidence and ease.

Start selling and generate an income

Once set up you will have all the tools you need to grow your own wellness business and promote Forever Living’s products. As well as your online store you will have access to product training, digital content, and online business tools. Then there’s me, team Anita Aloe and our community for continued support and growth.

This Opportunity is for You if…

You’d like to earn an additional income.

You’d love more time, freedom, and flexibility.

You are coachable and committed to your personal development.

You are passionate about growing your own business.

You like the idea of working from anywhere or creating a life that is more aligned with your values.

You would love more financial security for the future.

You are driven to succeed and to help others.

Sound good to you so far?


Great, let’s have a chat about you becoming part of team Anita Aloe.

Anita Ryan-Kelly - Wellness Business Coach - Be Part Of The Team

More On Joining Team Anita Aloe

My team and I help each other, support each other, and share the same passion of helping others to live a healthier life in both body and mind.

As a wellness business coach, I am passionate about helping people not only realise their goals but also empowering them to live life on their terms.

I pride myself on working very closely with all of my team members. I take time to listen so that I can gain an understanding of exactly what each person wants from their business – some are happy to earn a little more each month while some would like to earn a considerable amount. Whatever the desire, I coach and support each individual until they are achieving their goals.

What Can You Expect From Me As A Wellness Business Coach?

Here’s what team Anita Aloe says…

Being A Wellness Business-Guru---Testimonial - Anita Ryan Kelly

The best experience!

Working with Anita has been the best experience for me because it’s fun and I have learned a lot at the same time. She is a kind and respectful person, and we have built more than a co-worker relationship over time which makes it more pleasant to work with her.”

Dji Djie Diarrassouba

Being A Wellness Business-Guru---Testimonial - Anita Ryan Kelly
Being A Wellness Business-Guru---Testimonial - Anita Ryan Kelly
Sharon Lee Testimonial For Anita Ryan-Kelly - Wellbeing Business Coach
Sharon Lee Testimonial For Anita Ryan-Kelly - Wellbeing Business Coach

Perfect inspiration!

I am so inspired by Anita and have really learned what Forever is all about and the excellent reputation it holds for a healthy lifestyle. Anita talked us through the opportunity, explaining how to enjoy selling the products and how to spread knowledge of the actual ingredients Forever’s Aloe Vera holds which promotes and changes your wellbeing – she is the perfect inspiration to us all.”

Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee Testimonial For Anita Ryan-Kelly - Wellbeing Business Coach
Wellness Work Coach - Anita Ryan-Kelly - Review

Such a kind heart!

“I have worked with Anita for over 3 years, she is very kind and opened her heart and mind to me. Forever Living products are very good for everyone who would like to prioritise a healthy lifestyle. Aloe gel is with my family every day and I find the products very easy to recommend.”

Joanna Michulka

Wellness Work Coach - Anita Ryan-Kelly - Review
Wellness Work Coach - Anita Ryan-Kelly - Review

“With the right people around, you can achieve anything!” – Anita x

Turn Your Passion For Wellness Into A Career
Wellness Business Ideas - Anita Ryan-Kelly Business Coach
Need Help With Starting A Wellness Business - Anita Ryan-Kelly

It begins with your starter pack…

Filled with natural products for you to try before you recommend them to others, the Forever Living starter pack is everything you need to begin your wellness business journey.

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Should you have any questions, please drop me an email at anita@anitaryankelly.com or, complete the contact form below…